A User’s Guide on Fisheye 360 Degrees IP Camera

Fisheye 360 Degrees IP Camera – A Useful Guide!

Have you heard about the Fisheye security cameras? These are an innovative solution for your business or home surveillance needs. Known for offering dynamic viewing angle surveillance, these cameras have ultra-wide-angle lenses. Due to
the dynamic viewing angle, they provide wide-angle coverage with a single lens. One of the best types of fisheye cameras is the fisheye IP camera, which has all the features to make your surveillance better and more effective. Moreover,
these cameras also have panoramic 180-degree and 360-degree viewing angles.

With the panoramic views, these cameras are more capable of reducing potential blind spots, providing you with greater situational awareness. If you are also thinking about buying the fisheye camera, then go through this informational
post. In this blog, you will learn everything about these cameras.

What Are Panoramic Fisheye Cameras?

A panoramic fisheye camera is a surveillance solution used to monitor larger areas. This is the IP surveillance camera that provides a 180-degree or 360-degree field of view for better surveillance. Moreover, the fisheye 360 degree IP
CCTV camera has ultra-wide angle lenses for a comprehensive overview of the surroundings. Moreover, installing the fisheye camera is easy.

Top Features of fisheye cameras

Equipped with plenty of features, fisheye cameras help to keep your property protected from potential criminals. Consider the following features if you are planning to buy a fisheye camera for your surveillance needs.

  • Field of view

These cameras have a wide field of view, which is perfect for covering larger areas. The viewing angle of the fisheye IP CCTV camera is between 180 and 360 degrees. For places like hallways and crossroads, 180° fisheye cameras are
ideal. At the same time, 360° security cameras are used for surveillance of open and wide areas.

  • Video resolution

Your fisheye camera must have enough megapixels to capture finer and more detailed videos. These cameras provide panoramic views; therefore, it becomes essential to choose the relevant HD camera so that the image or videos don’t
get distorted. Look for at least a 5-6 MP fisheye security camera for crystal-clear imaging.

  • Night vision

Go for cameras that have infrared LEDs so that you can get high-quality images even in low-light conditions. With this feature, you can capture optical images even in the dark. You will have the round-the-clock protection and enhanced
security with the night-vision capabilities.

  • Weatherproof

Due to their wide-viewing angles, these cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance. You can install these cameras in parking lots and other open areas. If you are purchasing a fisheye outdoor IP camera, make sure it is weatherproof so
that it can withstand all weather conditions. The camera must carry a waterproof IP67 or IP66 rating.

  • Dewarping

As fisheye cameras have a wide field of view, the chances of getting distorted pictures increase. Therefore, you must choose a camera with de-warping technology. This technology can transform your distorted panoramic picture into a
flattened image. You can perform the de-warping process with specific types of hardware and software.

All these are important features that you must consider when purchasing a fisheye camera. No matter where you live, you will find different types of fisheye security cameras. If you are looking forward to installing a security camera in
Singapore, search for a fisheye wireless cloud IP camera in Singapore for effective surveillance.

Where are fisheye cameras used?

Fisheye cameras can be used in various places. You can install them anywhere to capture a wider area. Here are some of the places where you can install the fisheye camera for real-time surveillance.

  • Gas stations
  • Hallways
  • Parking lots
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Traffic intersections
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing sites

Fisheye security cameras are commonly used in these places. Install the fisheye camera now and enjoy high-definition surveillance.

Tips for installing a fisheye camera perfectly

If you are ready to install the fisheye panoramic camera, you can do the same easily. These cameras are easy to install and provide you with seamless 360-degree panoramic videos and images.

To install the fisheye IP cameras in Singapore without any hassle, check out the following tips. You can contact Revlight Security to buy the
ideal security camera for your surveillance needs.

  • To make sure that you get fine videos, avoid placing the fisheye camera near the corner. Otherwise, the walls will hamper the panoramic view.
  • Place the camera away from the electric entrance doors or air conditioner vents.
  • Moreover, you must stable the camera with expansion screws so it doesn’t fall down over a period of time.
  • Additionally, the camera should not be near the indicator light or ceiling lamps so that the camera signal stays unaffected.
  • To avoid reshaping of pictures, place the camera near the center of the monitoring zone.

Keep all these tips in mind when installing a camera on your wall or ceiling. If you are in Singapore, search for the best CCTV camera manufacturer in Singaporeto purchase the camera at a
reasonable price.

Wrapping it up

Fisheye cameras are an ideal surveillance solution if you want to capture wide-angle areas. These cameras provide a 360° panoramic view so that each corner can be covered efficiently. Moreover, these cameras can work effectively
both day and night. Get the best fisheye camera that meets your requirements, and enjoy high-quality video surveillance round-the-clock.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fisheye 180-degree and 360-degree cameras?

Both these cameras use a fisheye lens. With a 360-degree camera, you will get a full circular image covering the entire area. Whereas, 180-degree also provides a circular image with top and bottom cut off. For places like crossroads and hallways, 180-degree cameras are more suitable. 360-degree cameras are recommended to capture the wide and open areas.

What is a fisheye CCTV camera?

These types of cameras are popular for their ultra wide-angle lens, which is capable of capturing dynamic viewing angles. Moreover, fisheye cameras deliver a 180-degree or 360-degree field of view for capturing larger areas.

Can security cameras see 360 degrees?

Yes, fisheye cameras or panoramic security cameras provide a wide-angle view, and they are capable of capturing full circular images at once. With these cameras, you can see 360-degree at once.

Are fisheye cameras good?

Yes, these cameras are really good and fulfill all your surveillance needs. Moreover, fisheye cameras have various advantages that will make your surveillance even better.

What is the benefit of a fisheye lens?

The fisheye camera provides an enhanced version of the captured image. These cameras provide a 180-degree or 360-degree field of view so that you can see the entire area in one picture.

How many degrees is a fisheye camera?

Fisheye cameras generally deliver both 180-degree or 360-degree field of view.

What is the difference between PTZ and 360 cameras?

PTZ cameras have the facility to pan, tilt, and zoom to capture the required area. However, 360-degree cameras can record everything at once, making them more effective. With these cameras, you get the converge of the entire area in one picture.

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