Embedded Linux System, Industrial Level Embedded Controller
Both WEB and Local GUI Similar Menu Operation
Support Onvif Protocol IPC
Support IPv4, HTTP, NTP, DNS, ONVIF Protocol
No GPU Server is required
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  • Support Max 16ch IPC input, Network Ability: Input 160Mbps,Storage 160Mbps,Transfer 160Mbps, Playback 80Mbps
  • Support 4K/5M/4M/3M/1080P/1.3M/720P IPC Resolution Input
  • Support 16ch x1080P Decoding, Support Max 16ch 1080P Playback.
  • Support 4/8/16 HDD, Each HDD Support Up to 8TB,Can Config to One Disk
  • Support IPC Composite Audio 1ch Input and Output
  • Support 16ch Alarm Input,5ch Alarm Output
  • Support 3 USB Port ,2 USB2.0 in front and 1 USB3.0 in back
  • Support 2 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Support IPC Input by 2 Different Segment IP Address
  • Support Auto-Adjust Fan Speed By Smart Detect Internal Chassis Temperature.
  • Support 8ch(Video Stream or Picture Stream)People, Vehicle, Non-Comparison Control Alarm, People.
  • Gender, Age, Direction, Glasses, Clothes Texture, Style, Color.
  • Vehicle: License, Brand, Model, Year Type, Color, Plate Type, Plate Color, Co-Driver, Phone Call, Safety Belt, Dangerous Chemical, Age Mark and so on
  • Support Advanced Search Picture by Channel, Time, Structured Property and Relate to Video Record Playback
  • Support Search By Images, Can Set related Similarity Threshold To Search
  • Support Black or White List to Realize Real time Control Alarm
  • Support More than 10 Million Data Level Dynamic Lib Search, Search Result In One Second From the Million Dynamic Lib Data.
  • Target Search Out Rate Daytime >93%,Nighttime>90%; Target Search Out Failure Rate Daytime<3%,Nighttime<5%

LPR has built–in artificial intelligence software and hardware video analytics capability for fast, efficient detection, recognition, and search of video objects in multiple video streams, NVR or DVR storage devices.

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