Visitor Management System for Apartments – What Are Its Types?

Do you welcome visitors frequently? From industrial to multifamily, all types of buildings welcome visitors. Therefore, it is essential to have a visitor management system in place. If you are looking for a visitor management system for apartments, then this blog is for you. 

Do you still rely on visitor kiosks or sign-in sheets? It is time to invest in a modern visitor management system, as technology enhances in almost every aspect of our daily life. If you want to maintain the security and safety of your apartment building, you must have a visitor management system. However, there are different types of these systems in the market. Check out this guide to learn about its types.  

What does a visitor management system mean?

A visitor management system is a platform that allows you to monitor, track, or record every guest. A visitor management solution is essential for apartment buildings for the efficient tracking of every visitor.  Simply put, this system registers visitors and monitors their activities. 

Basically, it tracks who is visiting and when. This is done by collecting basic details, such as the guest’s name, the purpose of their visit, and their arrival time & date. If you install the more advanced version, it will need more details. 

Mostly, these systems consist of hardware, software, and databases, ensuring the safety and security of your building while ensuring an excellent guest experience.  By using this system in your apartment building, you can maintain a safe environment by eliminating the chances of possible trespassers. 

Apart from the guest management system, you can also rely on security systems for the safety of your apartment building. Find the best security system for apartment, and keep your building safe and secure. 

What are the types of visitor management systems?

If you are planning to use the visitor management system for your building, you should know that it has various types. Read about all the available types, and choose the best system as per your needs.

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Visitor kiosks

The most basic type is the visitor kiosk. However, these aren’t ideal for most buildings because of their basic features. It is basically a self-service station where guests will enter all their details by themselves. You can simply say that visitors have to follow a self-service guest check-in process at this visitor check-in system. 

Visitor kiosks record the guest information through pen-and-paper, front desk staff, or remote doorman. Because of the basic version, there are fewer chances of restraining trespassers from entering the premises.

Visitor management software

With this system, you can register each visitor and track their activities. It is basically a digital platform in which visitors will enter their access credentials, such as a QR code or PIN number. Additionally, they can also enter their personal details into a phone or tablet. Moreover, these systems give instructions to visitors on how to reach their destination. You will also receive notifications when any visitor comes to see you. That way, you can open the gate remotely for them. This visitor entry management system is an ideal choice for you. 

On-site systems

This visitor management system requires on-site servers and hardware to gather information from guests and grant them access. However, the hardware needs regular maintenance, and it takes up a lot of space. At the front, the visitor information is collected by a staff member or self-service kiosk. After collecting the information, it is stored in the on-site hardware. Therefore, you can access the information anywhere else. Furthermore, you must call the technician whenever an update is required. Due to the difficult maintenance of these systems, we recommend you avoid them. 

Cloud-based systems

The best visitor management system to manage safety and security is the cloud-based system. This is the best security check in system for apartment. These systems use the internet rather than on-site servers. This simply means you can gather the guest’s information and give them access from anywhere with an internet connection. Guests can scan their credentials in the form of PIN or QR codes to enter the building. The system server will then save the information, and you can access it from anywhere at any time. If you are looking for the best visitor management system to ensure safety and security, go for cloud-based systems. 

Summing it up

I hope now you have all the information regarding the different types of visitor management systems. Find the best reception check in system, and track the activity of each visitor entering your building. With the right system in place, you can stay stress-free about maintaining the apartment building safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management systems allow different companies to keep track of visitors entering the building. With these systems, companies can easily manage visitors and work more efficiently.

Who needs a visitor management system?

An efficient visitor management system can help both small and large companies to track their visitors. For larger companies, it is essential to have a visitor management system in place.

What is the objective of visitor management?

The main motive of the visitor management system is to keep your organization as safe as possible. For a higher level of security, it is important to track visitors entering the building.

What are the benefits of a visitor management system?

Installing a visitor management system comes with various benefits, such as organizational security, better data collaboration, time-saving, easy tracking, professional image, etc.

What is a visitor sheet?

Well, it keeps a record of visitors coming and going out of the premises. Using the visitor signing-in sheets is the most traditional way to keep track of visitors.

What is the best visitor management system?

Although there are different types of visitor management systems in the market, but the best one is the cloud-based systems. These systems use the internet, and you can give access to visitors from anywhere after checking their information.

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