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Enjoy  24*7 monitoring with Revlight’s Dual Thermal Camera, and rest assured that you will get detailed images even at night or in the fog. The combination of two cameras (a thermal camera and an optical camera) provides you with detailed images. With thermal imaging technology, the camera uses infrared radiation emitted by different objects to create their images. This dual thermal camera records the radiation and creates a clear picture for you. Rely on this thermal camera to capture clear images without any influence of fog, darkness, etc.


  • 24/7 HD visual and thermal camera monitoring.
  • visualized temperature information.
  • Multiple temperature measuring method
  • automatic tracking max and min temperature.
  • RTSP, ONVIF and GB/T28181 protocol support.
  • SDK provided for secondary development.
  • Mobile app and PC software login simultaneously support.
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Dual Thermal Camera – Enjoy Ultimate Security!

Twice your security by getting a Dual Vision Thermal Camera, and rest assured. Detects vehicles and people at night by their heat radiation for high-quality images. With two cameras (thermal and optical), you are ensured to fulfill your surveillance needs in all weather conditions. With the optical camera, you will get a picture of light. However, a thermal image is a visual capture of the heat that you will get from the thermal camera. The more heat an object emits, the brighter the image you will get. With the thermal images, you can signify the temperature difference.

Suitable for delivering images in all light, environmental, and weather conditions, you must rely on this camera.  This dual PTZ camera is suitable for large areas and can capture images at longer distances.

Temperature Measurement

With the dual-vision thermal camera, you can detect even the slightest temperature fluctuation. It detects heat radiations and reports temperature rises, dangerous temperatures, and temperature differences. Therefore, it also works as an optical fire detector. Designed specifically for specific industry applications, this night vision thermal camera provides detailed images even at night. For the 24*7 monitoring of temperature and its fluctuation, you must get this camera.

Features of Dual Vision Thermal Camera

Equipped with different features, the camera has everything you need.

  • HD Visual and Thermal Camera Monitoring: Enjoy 24*7 real-time monitoring with HD visual and thermal imaging capabilities.
  • High-Quality Images: With 1920*1080(visual) and 640*480(thermal) image size, you are ensured detailed footage.
  • Multiple Temperature Measuring Methods: The camera can measure fluctuation in temperature and can automatically track the highest and lowest temperatures.
  • Supports RTSP, ONVIF, and GB/T28181 Protocol: The camera supports RTSP, ONVIF, and GB/T28181 protocols for seamless compatibility and integration with other devices.
  • Compatible with Mobile and PC: The camera is compatible with PC or mobile so that you can enjoy real-time surveillance on your device.
  • Intelligent Alarm System: The camera has an intelligent alarm system to notify you about any issue.
  • Precise Detection: The camera accurately distinguishes between people/vehicles and other disturbances, reducing the false number of alarms.
  • Night Vision Capabilities: With infrared LEDs, the camera promises to deliver high-quality images even in the dark.
  • Software Development Kit: The camera comes with a software development kit (SDK) for integration and customization with other applications and systems.
  • Suitable for Different Conditions: With an IP67 rating, the camera has the capability to withstand all harsh conditions, such as light, weather, etc.

Revlight Security is the best thermal camera provider in Singapore. Contact us to buy this camera for your surveillance requirements.

Markets and Application Environments

The Dual Thermal Camera is used in different industries where you need to measure temperature fluctuations.

  • Data Centers
  • Energy Storage Enclosures
  • Storage Facilities
  • Railway Stations
  • Forest Fire Prevention
  • Plant & Oil Fields
  • Maritime
  • Process and Manufacturing Areas
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • High-spot Watching
  • Prison
  • Scenic Sights

All these are the common places where this dual thermal camera is used. Get it now from Revlight Security at a reasonable price.

Easy Installation

Connect with Revlight Security to purchase this camera at a minimal price and capture high-quality thermal and optical images. Our experts will make sure that the installation goes smoothly for you. Buy the best security cameras at Revlight to meet your surveillance requirements. Additionally, our experts also provide free consultations to help you find the security system for your unique needs.

Technical Specifications

Thermal Camera Resolution / Pixel size 160*120 / 12 μm
NETD ≤50 mK(@25°C, F#=1.0)
FOV 57°*48°
Frame Rate 9 FPS
Visual Camera Sensor 1/2.9″CMOS
Pixel 2MP
FOV 91°*48°
Focus 3.6 mm
Frame Rate 30 FPS
Illuminator 30 meters IR Illuminator
Function Interface Audio I/O, alarm I/O, BNC video output, 10M/100M RJ45
Network Protocol RTSP, ONVIF, GB/T28181, RTP, TCP, UDP, UPNP, POE, etc.
Temperature Measurement Range High gain mode:- 10°C~150°C, ±3°C/±3%

Low gain mode:- 10°C~450°C, ±7°C/±7%

Abnormal Temperature Alarm High & low temperature limit settings and partial temperature difference alarm supported.
Max Image Size 1920*1080(visual) 640*480(thermal)
Video Compress standard H.264 / H.265
Others Operating Temperature and Humidity Temp:- -20°C~55°C, humidity ≤90%
Ingress Protection Grade IP67
Power Supply / Consumption 12 VDC, ≤5 W
Dimension / Weight 98*80*238.6 mm, ≤1kg

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