LY-TD120 Thermal Camera

LY-TD120 Dual Vision Thermal Camera


Explosion Proof Anti-Corrosion Dual Light Thermal Imaging Bullet IP Camera


LY-TD630 Mini Dual Vision Thermal Imaging Camera


Revlight Security presents the LY-TD630 Mini Dual Vision Thermal Imaging Camera, designed for real-time temperature monitoring within cabinets. It features an infrared thermal imaging camera and a high-definition visible camera, ensuring accurate readings. With 24-hour online monitoring enabled by non-contact temperature measurement technology, it guarantees precise temperature measurement. Equipped with a 470MHz wireless communication function, it seamlessly integrates with wireless temperature measurement straps for comprehensive cabinet temperature monitoring. Widely used in switchgear cabinets, distribution cabinets, and convergence control cabinets, it’s ideal for narrow space monitoring.

Key Features

  • Super-resolution display technology delivers thermal images at an effective 640×480 resolution, ensuring detailed monitoring.
  • Supports Fusion,  Full_x0002_Color, HD, and HD-Fusion display modes for enhanced image clarity and detail.
  • Wide field of view thermal imaging of up to 95° without fusion facilitates thorough monitoring, even in tight spaces like cabinets.
  • Enables full-screen, point, line, and area temperature measurements, with the ability to shield unwanted regions during measurement.
  • Multiple temperature alarm methods, including above range, below range, within range, and outside range, provide timely alerts to temperature fluctuations.
  • Real-time analytics conducted directly on the camera head reduce server loads, improving overall efficiency.
  • Thermal imaging supported by 18 customizable color palettes, such as black & white hot, iron red, and rainbow, offers versatility for various monitoring scenarios.
  • Equipped with a 2MP visible camera and two LED illuminators, ensuring clear imagery in dark environments.
  • Supports H264 and H265 video compression algorithms for efficient data handling.
  • Compatible with RTSP, ONVIF, MODBUS, and other common protocols for seamless integration into existing systems.
  • SDK support allows for secondary development, enabling customization and integration with other systems as needed.
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Applications and Application Environments:

  1. Industrial facilities: Ensure machinery safety and prevent equipment failure.
  2. Data centers: Maintain optimal server conditions for seamless operations.
  3. Laboratories: Monitor temperature-sensitive materials and experiments.
  4. Hospitals: Ensure pharmaceutical storage at proper temperatures.
  5. Food industry: Maintain food quality and safety in refrigerated storage.

In Manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, research facilities, retail stores, and educational institutions, the Mini Dual Vision Thermal Imaging Camera LY-TD630 ensures precision monitoring for diverse applications and environments.

Application Markets

  • Electric Power
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petroleum
  • Perimeter Security
  • Warehouse Management
  • Night Vision Monitoring
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

Thermal Camera

Parameters Value
Sensor Uncooled Focal Plane Detector
Resolution/Pixel Size 256×192
Response Waveband 8~14µm
Pixel Size 12µm
NETD ≤50 mK (@25°C, F#1.0)
FOV 3.2mm: 55.6°42°, 2.1mm: 90°65.6°
Palette 18 types of palette and fusion with visual


Visual Camera


Parameters Value
Sensor 1/2.7 inches CMOS
Pixel Size 4MP, 2560×1600
Lens focal length 2mm
Low light color: 0.01 Lux @(F1.5), black and white: 0.001 Lux @(F1.5, 0 Lux with IR)
Image Processing Support wide dynamic, white balance, digital noise reduction, day and night conversion
Fill Light Function LED Fill Light



Parameters Value
Network Protocol ICMP, TCP, UDP, DNS, RTP, RTSP, DHCP, PPPOE, UPNP, DDNS, ONVIF, GB/T 28181, etc.
Simultaneous preview of video channels 6
Video Compression H.264


Parameters Value
Mainstream image (resolution/frame rate) Visual: 2592×1536/1080P/720P Configurable, Thermal: 640×480
Substream image (resolution/frame rate) Visible light: D1/CIF can be set, Thermal imaging: 640 x 480/320 x 240 can be set
Image Flip Horizontal and vertical flip


Parameters Value
Temperature Range -20°C~550°C
Temperature Accuracy (High gain range: -20°C150°C, Low gain range: 0°C550°C)
Observation type temperature measurement accuracy ±5°C or ±5% of reading
Measurement Modes Support point, line, area, polygon, full screen, and shielded modes; Supports visible image overlay of measured temperature values
Temperature Alerts 4 temperature rules (above high, below low, between, beyond), and support area temperature comparison
Image Fusion Support visual + thermal image fusion mode, support visual image overlay temperature value mode
Smart Functions Fire point & intensity, intrusion alarm, tripwire, boundary crossing, intrusion alarm

System Integration

Parameters Value
Network interfaces 1 RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive, support POE power supply
Serial Interface 1 RS485
Alarm Interface 1 in/1 out
Storage Interface 1 TF card interface supports up to 256G memory
System Integration 470MHz wireless communication


Parameters Value
Working Ambient Working temperature -20°C~+65°C; Working humidity ≤95% non-condensation
Power DC12V, ≤10W, support POE power supply
Shell protection IP66 (GB/T4208)
Sizes(LxWxHmm) 92x94x33 (mm) without antenna
Weights 0.43kg




No. Tailline Marking Interface Signal Identification &Description Details
1 DC_IN Power In Label “+” Positive electrode 2-pin 3.81mm connector female terminal (tail cable and male socket), DC input voltage range (9V to 36V), default adapter: DC12V 1A, if the POE power supply is used, no power adapter is required.
Label “+” negative electrode
2 RS485 RS485 Label “A”RS485 A RS485 serial communication interface for peripheral control interface
Label “B”RS485 B
3 ALARM Alarm output Label “1B”Alarm output Alarm output(relay output)
Label “1A” Alarm output
Alarm input Label “G” Alarm input GND Alarm input signal
Label “IN”Alarm input
4 LAN RJ45 RJ45 data interface 1, to achieve network communication data interface (video stream, control flow and other information)

2. For POE power supply, the POE switch needs to support network 1, 2, 3, and 6 power supply

Green Network status indicator

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