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Model: TPHQ-EX-S1080P



Revlight Security is super excited to introduce its Explosion-Proof High-Speed Dome Camera, ensuring high-definition surveillance even in the harshest environments. Designed to deliver high-quality performance, it is an ideal system for all your surveillance needs. This explosion proof dome camera has a lightweight design, and you can install it without any complexities. Go for this camera for keeping an eye on things even in challenging environments.


Key Features:

  • Compact, lightweight design for versatile installation.
  • Employs a 5-megapixel 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor with an advanced digital processor for efficient image compression and enhanced clarity.
  • Significantly improved photographic properties, achieving a remarkable minimum illumination of color [email protected].
  • Incorporates fourth-generation broad dynamic technology, resulting in a dynamic range exceeding 75dB for visibly enhanced effects.
  • It offers a visible infrared distance between 5m and 15m, ensuring high-quality imaging in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Utilizes 3D digital noise reduction technology to produce sharp, luminous images during nighttime surveillance.
  • Features automatic IR CUT conversion for seamless day-to-night transition, delivering high-quality images with vivid colors. Synchronized infrared lights maintain picture excellence at night.
  • Constructed with aviation high-strength polycarbonate explosion-proof half-dome housing, it boasts a flux rate surpassing 93%.
  • Crafted from corrosion-proof 304 stainless steel with an original color surface treatment.
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse outdoor environments.
  • Optional Power over Ethernet (POE) functionality for streamlined installation and improved security through a single cable for data and power.
  • Offers the choice between fixed or vari-focus lenses, providing flexibility in surveillance applications with different focal length requirements.
  • Utilizes H.264/H.265 video coding for efficient compression and streaming, optimizing bandwidth usage without compromising image quality.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing security systems, providing a versatile solution for upgrading or expanding surveillance networks.
  • User-friendly interface for easy setup, configuration, and monitoring, ensuring a straightforward user experience for operators.
  • Constructed with high-strength polycarbonate explosion-proof housing and corrosion-proof 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity in challenging environments.
  • Supports dual-stream functionality in AVI format, allowing simultaneous recording and streaming at different resolutions, optimizing storage and network resources.

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Product Description:

The explosion-proof high-speed dome camera, features a 5MP CMOS sensor for vivid imaging in hazardous environments, with applications:

  • Explosive Gas Environments (Class IIA, IIB, IIC T1-T6)
    • Suitable for factories and facilities with explosive mixtures of flammable gas steam with air in areas No.1 and No.2.
    • Applications: Oil fields, chemical plants, gas stations, aviation, military, and more.
  • Explosive Dust Environments (Areas No.20, No.21, No.22)
    • This product is perfect for locations with a high risk of combustible dust and air mixtures in areas No.20, No.21, and No.22.
    • Applications: Coal mines, firecracker production, machinery, food processing, and storage.

Technical Specifications:

The specifications of this explosion proof CCTV camera is-

  • Crafted from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • Utilizes H.264/H.265 video code, supporting dual-stream in AVI format.
  • Video resolutions:
    • 3MP, and below @30FPS.
    • 4MP@15 FPS
    • 5MP@15 FPS
  • Provides optional fixed or vari-focus lens choices.
  • Achieves an IP 68 rating for Dome IPC explosion-proof level.
  • Optional POE function for added flexibility.

Additional Application Environments:

Designed for deployment in diverse industries, including oil fields, ports, oil storage, steamships, oil drilling platforms, steel, and more, this explosion proof CCTV camera can withstand all challenging conditions.

Technical Parameter:

Model TPHQ-EX-S1080P
Mechanical Features
Material  304 Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment Original Stainless Steel Color

Electropolishing Optional

Ingress Protection IP68
Horizontal Manual Adjustable


Vertical Manual Adjustable


Interface Spec G-1/2″
Method of Installation Ceiling Type & Column Mounting & Wall Mounting
Electrical Features
Power Supply  DC12V
Camera Image Sensor 5 mega pixel 1/2.8“CMOS sensor
Resolution 1080P
Lens 4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm/16mm


Rated Temperature  (-30℃,+70℃)
Atmospheric Pressure  80-106KPa
Relative Humidity  ≤95%RH(+25℃)

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