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2MP Explosion Proof Anti Corrosion Camera | Buy WDR Fixed IR Camera

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POD- Underwater IP Camera (Fixed Lens) | Buy IP68 2MP Underwater Camera

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Explosion-Proof High Speed Bullet Security Camera (Torpedo)

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Model: TPC-Ex-LSNDB02


Revlight Security is excited to introduce the Explosion-Proof High-Speed Bullet Security Camera (Torpedo), a super-smart surveillance camera that’s really good at its job! This 2 MP Explosion Proof Bullet Security Camera is like a superhero for keeping an eye on things and making sure everything stays safe. It’s not just any camera – it’s super special because it’s explosion-proof and works really fast.

Imagine it as a high-tech bullet that keeps watch over places where things need extra protection. Whether it’s a big factory, a fancy building, or even a secret spy hideout, this Explosion Proof High Speed Bullet Camera is up for the task.

Certifications: ATEX and Ex certified

  • Dust-Proof
  • Explosion-Proof
  • Rust-Proof
  • Water-Proof

Key Features

  • Crafted with corrosion-resistant materials and treated with surface electropolish and passivation, this Explosion Proof 2MP Bullet Camera guarantees robustness and durability.
  • Utilizing advanced optics, including a high-quality zoom module, this Explosion-Proof High Speed Bullet Camera (Torpedo) provides exceptional imaging with effective pixels of 2.13MP, 30X optical zoom, and 12X electronic zoom.
  • The focal length ranges from 4.3mm to 129mm, and the aperture is adjustable from F1.6 to F4.7.
  • Boasting a wide FOV of up to 63.7°, this camera is ideal for monitoring expansive areas.
  • With up to 120dB of Wide Dynamic Range, the camera ensures clear and detailed images in varying lighting conditions.
  • This Explosion Proof POE Bullet Camera features a Super WDR function, anti-shake DSP, defog, and starlight-level night vision capabilities.
  • The color state minimum illumination can be as low as 0.01LX, and the black state minimum illumination can go down to 0.0008LX.
  • Equipped with an RJ45 interface with two levels of lightning protection and surge protection.
  • Supports H.264 & H.265 video coding, dual stream, and adjustable settings for bit rate and frame rate.
  • This High Speed Ex-Proof Bullet Camera includes a selectable semiconductor thyristor temperature control module, enabling automatic heating and cooling functions.
  • Allows for the use of specialized protocols, including SONY VISAC, for seamless integration into your security system.


This Explosion Proof CCTV Bullet Camera is equipped with an invisible nano wiper, ensuring non-stick properties for water, oil, and dust.

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  • Remote Surveillance
  • Hazardous Environments Monitoring
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • High-Security Zones
  •  Industrial Process Monitoring.

Application Environments:

Tailored for Remote Surveillance, Hazardous Environments Monitoring, Critical Infrastructure Protection, High-Security Zones, and Industrial Process Monitoring, the 2 MP Explosion Proof Bullet Security Camera is perfect for hazardous environments. The Explosion Proof High-Speed Bullet Camera (Torpedo) is designed to operate effectively and safely in various hazardous environments, including areas where explosive mixtures from class IIA, IIB, and IIC T1-T6 group flammable gases or steam with air are formed. This High Quality Bullet Camera is also applicable in environments with explosive hazards from the mixture of flammable dust and air.


Suitable for a diverse range of markets, the Explosion Proof High-Speed Bullet Camera(Torpedo) finds application in:

  • Oil Fields
  • Chemical Plants
  • Ports
  • Oil Storage Facilities
  • Steamships
  • Oil Drilling Platforms
  • Gas Stations
  • Coal Mines
  • Aviation
  • Military Installations
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Steel Mills
  • Firecracker Production Facilities
  • Machinery Workshops
  • Food Processing and Storage Facilities

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from corrosion-proof materials for exceptional durability and resistance to harsh environments.
  • Supports H.264/H.265 video coding, offering dual-stream capabilities in AVI format.
  • Features the original SONY-CV7520A zoom module with a focal length range of 4.3mm to 129mm, providing 30x optical zoom.
  • The Explosion Proof High-Speed Bullet Camera(Torpedo) boasts an explosion-proof level – IP 68, which is suitable for hazardous environments.
  • Equipped with infrared functionality for enhanced low-light and nighttime surveillance capabilities.
  • This Ex-proof high speed bullet camera supports video resolutions-
    • 3MP, and below @30FPS.
    • 4MP@15 FPS
    • 5MP@15 FPS
  • Features 4mm/6mm/8mm/12mm lens optional, which suit different requirements.


So, whether it’s protecting a secret lab, a treasure chest, or just making sure your neighborhood is safe, the Torpedo Camera is the superhero you need. Get one now, and let it keep a watchful eye on your world! 

Looking to buy Explosion Proof Cameras in Singapore? Contact Revlight Security for a consultation now!

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